DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of December 2003
Meditation can deepen our understanding of any religion or spiritual path. Meditation is a practice that belongs to all religions and spiritual teachings. All genuine religions started with mystical experiences derived from meditation carried out by their founders. Such as Buddha meditating under the banyan tree, Jesus fasting and meditating in the wilderness and Mohammed praying and meditating in the cave near Mecca. - from Meditation Teachings of Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of October 2003

Regular meditation is the only resort and guarantor for sure safeguard against all types of fear - of terrorism, loss of property, prosperity, name, fame and consequences of misunderstandings. It acts as the best insurer of health, happiness, peace and bliss.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of August 2003

DIVINE has offered golden opportunty to all by giving the same technique which Lord Shiva used for putting Him in Samadhi instantaneously.

In whole of human history such a opportunity has not been given by any one.There are plenty of examples where Gurus used to ask everything from the devotee, test them thoroughly in all respects over long periods of times before actually initiating him/her into mantra or meditation. Here, the Guru does not ask any thing and His dakshina is again only meditation.

At the present times, DIVINE is the one and only one who has got authority and powers to give samadhi to any one on this Earth. One has to simply follow the regular meditation path and practice daily meditation at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of July 2003
Dream Visitation & Call of the Master

SHRI SHRI SHRI SHIVABALA YOGI MAHARAJ, the greatest Master visited in the dream around 0600 hours on 02-07-2003 in the Bangalore Ashram premises. Around 25 devotees were waiting for His Darshan in the side by lawn areas.
From a distance, He gave wonderful smile but when He came nearby, He was seen sad. He beckoned me to His close side and told ,"I am ever happy but while thinking and reviewing about the spiritual attainments of the devotees, I am becoming sad. I want every devotee to be informed about this and also about MY directions as follows:
1. Just be regular in your meditation.

2. Do your individual meditation. Do not get satisfied with weekly or monthly group meditations, alone.

3. Your actual time of meditation should in no case be less than 30 minutes. Ideally, you should meditate for one hour daily.

4. Exchange your views with devotees on meditation matters. Spread meditation to all willing persons.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of June 2003

"Practice of verbal silence and mental japam, during non-meditating periods of meditation is very effective. Exert all efforts to sit for longer periods. Practice gives perfection. Try to be a perfect meditator. For others, you should become an ideal example of a practicing meditator. By becoming so, you can achieve everything.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of May 2003
"No matter what medical, physical, mental or financial problems do confront the devotees, they should strictly adhere to regularities in their time and duration of meditation. In doing this, devotees will acheive Self-realization and understand their true goals and find the ways and means to achieve their goals.
DIVINE sends Blessings to all his devotees."

DIVINE'S " Mahasamadhi Day" MESSAGE, April 2, 2003
A wise man pays full attention and completes the most essential work FIRST. After that, he attends to all other works in life as and when these are required to be completed.
Similarly, THE WISE AMONGST DEVOTEES, takes up the practice of meditation on top priority and does it EVERY DAY. Accordingly, he achieves easily everything worth achievable IN THIS LIFE ITSELF.
There is no doubt in it. ANY ONE CAN TEST IT. 

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of April 2003 

" Go forward, go deep. Do not worry for anything. Leave everything to Guru. Become free from everything in meditation- free from all feelings, all thoughts, all memories and experience your own SELF- UNIQUE, SINGLE, JOYFUL, BLISSFUL.
Do not ever worry for any thing. Life's achievement comes only through meditation. Life's fullness comes only through meditation.Life's fulfillment comes only through meditation.You are already doing that.
Do it right and do it to your full satisfaction.Do not worry, do not hurry, do not wait. Do not postpone. Do it .Do it. Do it.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of March 2003
Not a single day should pass without you being in deep meditation. Not a single moment should pass without you being in the happiest meditative state.
No fear, no hatred, no worry, no hurry-only meditation or meditative thoughts will make every single life noble on this Earth.

Remember Guru and your path becomes simple and weed-free.
Do not worry. Be always happy.


DIVINES'S NESSAGE for the Month of February 2003
Single minded devotees alone progress well on the path of meditation.Such devotees, once decided, never give opportunities to doubts, rumors and for that matter any negative thoughts whatsoever and never give up the regular practice of meditation.

They perform their daily meditation like daily intake of food. They enter into meditation with happy mood and come out happier, some times the happiest. They alone serve best themselves and also others.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of January 2003
It is not possible for ordinary persons to recognize the GREAT GURUS available on the Earth from time to time. Only a sadhaka, who has been regularly practicing meditation, Mantrajapam, seva, Namasamkeertana etc. can have the intellect to recognize, respect and obtain grace of such GURU.

READING, HEARING, SAYING, SEEING etc. do not give deep insight like an experience of the GURU, gives.

Regular meditation gives such experiences as per the need by the grace of GURU.

GURU's greatness can not be described, can not be fathomed and simply can not be written or told to others in its entirety. IT HAS TO BE ONLY EXPERIENCED AND ENJOYED BY ALL DEVOTEES.

One has to be always positive to experience the grace of GURU all the time. Negativity has no place in GURU's kingdom. Simplicity, truthfulness, sincerity, plainness, innocence- ALL THESE POSITIVE ASPECTS impart devotees the grace of GURU continuously.

May the grace of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj flow continuously to all devotees everywhere all the time.

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