DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of December 2004
The answer for the question what can be achieved by meditation is very simple and straight: Anything and everything can be easily achieved by doing regular meditation.

In the beginning, creation is possible only by meditation.

After creation, sustenance is possible only by meditation.

After sustenance change of form and new lease of life is possible only by meditation.

Infact, everyone is doing meditation without knowing. Now, know it and do it daily.

You can achieve everything.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of November 2004
DIVINE says,"Play your role vigorously. Now the time has come when each of my devotees should play a vigorous role in spreading the unique meditation technique to the whole world.

Your own meditation and your efforts to teach others meditation will fructify with the least effort. Anyone who plays even a minor role is going to be rewarded immensely.

Do not hesitate. In a most united way march ahead. Solve all problems and obstacles only through meditation and never through arguments verbal or literal. Never think of litigation. Meet, talk and communicate to remove doubts and misunderstandings.

My children come forward and let me change the whole world through you. Do not fear. I am with you 24 hours a day. Just meditate or simply close your eyes and remember me. I will give you all directions and strength.

Do not doubt. I am in each one of you and you all can become me. Just meditate and do not worry.

My messages will come from many locations but mostly from Sriharikota for the next two years. Follow whatever you feel good about.

Blessings to each one you."

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of October 2004
Beginners get many distractions during meditation sittings. The mind wanders and many thoughts rush one after the other.

A simple but effective method is not to get up from the seat and keep sitting and meditating for more time.
If one is not able to do meditation, one should simply keep the eyes closed for some time and then one will be able to continue doing meditation for more time than expected. This enables on to defeat the designs of the mind.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of September 2004
"Every human being has been endowed with faculties having the potentialities to liberate himself/herself but due to the overwhelming influence of Maya (the delusive attractions of the World) most loose their way and have to be born again and again. Only very few come out sucessfully from this transmigratory network due to the grace of the Guru, alone.

One who takes up the regular practice of meditation becomes eligible for devotion and realization both with the least effort on his/her part.

Meditation is the only medicine for liberation but this has to be used everyday to be effective.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of August 2004

"Meditation becomes simple and easy for those who meditate regularly. For others, it becomes difficult and mind ultimately refuses to cooperate.

One should never leave the regular practice of meditation for even a short time because it may be that regular practice will ensure steadiness and liberation from all bondages, once and for all. Life becomes blessed and very useful for so many others.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of July 2004
"Devotees who have benn initated into Dhyan meditation but either are not regular in meditation or have discontinued meditation, should make a fresh resolve and start practicing regularly.

Meditation yields fruits of peace, bliss, happiness, fulfillment and Self-realization only when regularly practiced.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of May 2004
There are many sadhanas performed by human beings for Self-realization. The best sadhana is a true, universal meditation performed with the help, support and guidance of a God-realized perfect Guru.

Very few on this planet earth are fortunate to have the combination (Yogam) of meditation with the Master. It is like getting a rocket speed towards reaching the ultimate human destination in the shortest possible time. In fact, the Guru takes the full responsibility, if the devotee (sadhaka) reposes full faith in Him.

The meditation that DIVINE teaches is in the simplest form and any one can take maximum advantage in minimum time, irrepective of ones age, caste, qualification, region or religion. However like all paths to God, two pre-conditions are there to be fulfilled.

First: Do not ever entertain any doubt about the efficacy of the technique and the Guru. Guru comes in many forms. Recognize Him and get the full benefits from all forms.

Second: The most important pre-condition is regularity of practice of meditation. Do not excape the practice even for a day. Wherever you are, perform your normal, regular meditation just like your daily food and drink intake. Try to advance but never give an opportunity for a slip.

Believe it %100. Your Guru is, all the time, with you, in you, above you, below you and beside you. He is watching you all the time, even when you are in deep sleep.

Always be vibrant and dynamic in practicing meditation. Do not ever bring lethargy and complacency into doing your duty of meditation.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of April 2004

"After learning the right technique of this unique meditation, regular practice and support with the guidance of Guru from time to time will make the inner transformation of the individual very easy. Meditation, thus should become top priority in one's life. The rest will follow on its own.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of March 2004

"God is omni-present. Through meditation alone, one gets instantly connected with God. Then, he starts understanding himself, the material world and God. One should not delay and doubt the efficacy of meditation. Sooner is better. Dive deep in meditation. Everyone can meditate after learning the technique. Therefore meditate daily.



"Remember GURU all the time.
He is available 24 hours to render help.
Meditate daily and transform your life.
Your progress in is your hands.
Your happiness lies in controlling your mind.
Devote your time and energy for doing more and more meditation.


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