DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of December 2005
Always move forward for the regular practice of meditation.

Dive deep in meditation.You will like it again and again.

Practice meditation without entertaining any doubt and without any desire, whatsoever.

Meditation should become your duty No. 1 in life.

Practice meditation with vigour and vitality.

Enjoy doing meditation.

Carry the joy of meditation always with you.

Spread the joy of meditation always in all directions.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of November 2005
Dear Devotees,

Please read the message of DIVINE for the month of Novemeber 2005:

"If you practice meditation daily in the morning and evening, your whole day and night becomes totally divine.

Meditation practiced in the morning ensures your well being the whole day and meditation practiced in the evening ensures peace and happiness during the night.

Initially mind may not be co-operative fully. Do not worry. Cultivate enormous patience, consistent perseverence and total dedication while practicing meditation.

Always have the good company of meditators. Persuade all in your family to meditate daily. Motivate all friends to meditate daily.This way, you will help yourself, your family and friends too.

This becomes spiritual service to all.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of October 2005
Meditation has to be practiced with all earnestness and sincerity daily for not less than an hour.

Regularity and sincerity ensure stability and fast progress in achieving the goal of Self -Realization in this very life.

Be regular in practice.

Be sincere in practice.

This way meditation becomes easiest.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of September 2005

" Know that all human beings can meditate, provided they decide intensely to meditate.

Normally, many try to postpone learning and practicing meditation to post retirement period or after attaining old age.

This is simply a trick of the mind and great deception to the person, in itself.

Meditation should never be postponed. One should go against mind with all tenacity and start practicing meditation even if mind is not cooperating initially.

Mind starts cooperating, once it gets the taste of doing meditation.

Meditation becomes very easy with practce and cooperation of mind.

Practice your meditation everyday for one hour.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of August 2005

" I was put in Tapas by SHIVA for 12 years so that humanity at large could learn this pure and pristine meditation and while practicing it regularly, could live in peace and harmony for ages.

It is not humanly possible to do so, without the direct guidance of DIVINE.

Meditate today for longer period. Remember and recall Tapas celebrations in my physical presence in the past.

Rejoice because you all are special and chosen ones.

You can, in fact, draw from my meditation experiences.

Blessings to all devotees." 


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of July 2005

Remember! The Meditation technique and practice being taught practically to you, has been given by Lord Shiva Himself .

Remember! This is extremely simple to learn and to pracitice regularly, unique in benefits and universal in nature. Anyone can practice, anytime, anywhere, at any age and in any posture.

Remember! Daily practice of this meditation is the supreme divine duty of all human beings for their good & peace and for the good and peace of the whole world.

Remember! The joy of meditation lies in its practice.The more you practice,the more benefits you derive.

Remember! Self-realization can easily be achieved in this very life-time, if you keep practicing this meditation everyday for one hour.



DIVINE'S MESAGE for the Month of June

Guru is must for your steady progress on the path of meditation.
Guru inspires you.

Guru guides you.

Guru helps you.

Guru always suggests the best.
Guru leads you to Self- Realization.

Guru knows the path well.

He is fully aware of pitfalls.
so He saves you from all.

Guru is your best friend.
Guru is always ready to help you.
Take His help free.
Guru takes all your responsibility.

Surrender to Guru and be totally free in this very life time.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of May 2005

"If you are steadfast in practicing of daily meditation under all circumstances, it will become Mahapractice and then your meditation will grow strong and deep.
A deep meditation, will give peace,
bliss and happiness instantly.

Do not keep many desires and look for immediate results during meditation.
Your main objective should be a deep
meditation in each sitting.
It will take care of all your problems automatically.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE to Devotees on MAHASAMADHI DAY, April 2, 2005
"I want all my devotees to focus on two things:

First Thing: Put all your efforts for strengthening the depth of your own daily personal meditation.
Your time should show increasing trend.
All your mental perturbances and personal desires should go on decreasing.
Do not get up from your meditation seat till you are fully satisfied.
This much is for your own good development .

Second Thing: Spare some time and effort for teaching meditation in group to willing persons preferably children in your own neighborhood.
Do not hesitate. You have hesitated enough and postponed it for too long.
This is your meditation service to society.

Do the above two things and see how enriched your life becomes.

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of March 2005
"The spiritual path and life, though out-wordly and seemingly troublesome, is full of necterian bliss in its inner entirety.

Overlook insignificant obstacles on your path of meditation and march past fast. Get to the point of stabilization now and immediately. More and more you meditate, the door of peace, bliss and happiness will open more and more, automatically.

Listen to what your Guru tells you to do. Guru is always reasonable.

Do not delay in practice of regular meditation.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for February 2005
The time that has past will not come back again for you to utilize it . Therefore, do not postpone your meditation to tomorrow or next week. It is wiser to complete tomorrow’s meditation today itself and portion of next week’s meditation this week itself. If you make it a habit like this, then it will become very easy for you in the rest of your life.

Do not wait or judge your own performance in meditation. It is not your work. It is Guru’s work. Your work lies simply in meditating everyday, every week, every month and every year. Do not worry for any thing. Do all your duties and regular practice of meditation. You are undoubtedly treading on the most sacred path of BLESSEDNESS..


CLARION CALL  to DEVOTEES  of the World, January 2005

My Dear Meditation Children of the World !

Read this universal message carefully, adopt it in your individual life, transform your life from full materialistic to 100% meditative, simply by practicing meditation one hour in the morning or one hour in the evening daily, to start with.

All my devotees through out the World have to meditate daily more & more and three times i. e. morning, noon & evening in order to make the whole environment vibrant with meditative thoughts.

During non-meditative times, observe verbal and mental silence and contemplate on inner joy of your own meditation. The World Meditation Day (WMD) should be observed on 24th January every year. The International Center of Indian Culture at Bangalore Ashram should be declared WORLD MEDITATION CENTER and should teach practical meditation to all visiting devotees on all days free of charge irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed and country of origin.

USA devotees have to play major role by not only regularly meditating but also by supporting all efforts for making the meditation available through out the World. This has to be achieved through involvement of US President and US Government. In two years time, all the Governments of the World should be involved in this Divine Meditation Plan.

Starting from Jan 24th 2007, NEW AGE OF MEDITATION should be declared by all Governments of the World. All human being inhabiting the Earth, then should practice meditation every day in their places for periods depending upon their own capacities. MEDITATION & SILENCE should then become panacea for eradicating all evils of societies and for solving permanently all the problems of the World by all the Governments of the World.

All the countries of the World should work cooperatively to form WORLD Government, which should start functioning from INDIA i.e. from Jan 24th, 2009. Whole World should become a large family where all should live peacefully meditating and pursuing all 64 types of arts.

There shall be only ONE GOVERNMENT, WORLD GOVERNMENT, each other National Government will BECOME branches of the same World Government. All should solve all the problems & resolve all the issues through meditation alone.

Blessings to all.


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