DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of December 2006
A shower in the morning or evening cleans the body and makes you experience the freshness and newness.

Regular practice of meditation,however, cleanses the mind and calms it to enable you experience the real from the unreal, the ever existing eternal from the transient and the blissful from the peaceless state.

Be regular in practice of meditation and achieve the goal of life in this life itself.

Practice is the key.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of November 2006
Meditation helps at all levels,

physical, mental, psychic and spiritual.

At physical level, it heals the body.

At mental plane, it sooths and calms it.

At psychic level, it balances thoughts.

Ultimately , it integrates and unifies all

levels into eternal one.

Meditation must be practiced by all.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of October 2006
Meditation helps under all circumstances all the time.

In times of troubles, such as physical health and emotional problems, apart from diet and medication, nothing supports like meditation.

In emotional upsets, it works like instant palliative. During such times, one should meditate for longer periods.

If required, meditation should be done 3-4 times a day under certain emotional conditions.

Generally, devotees practice meditation under normal conditions. One who meditates under all conditions and circumstances, is really praiseworthy.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of September 2006
The ultimate aim of meditation should be one and only one - that of Self-Realization in the present life itself.

Towards this objective, meditation should be practiced with heart full of joy and mind totally free from extraneous thoughts.

This is then the highest and noblest aim.The practice of meditation in right earnest will get the whole world rid of all its negativity and fears.

All the problems of the world can be peacefully solved if majority of the people start meditating daily.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of August 2006

As the time (period) and fequency of your regular meditation practice increases, mind gets trained for unique taste of dwelling inwards.

General thoughts and warry desires decrease phenomenally and general mood, all the time, becomes meditative and drawn inwards.

Mind often recalls peaceful experiences of the past meditations and exudes sameness, equanimity, harmony and cooperativeness with one and all.

Peaceful disposition, all the time, then becomes the nature of the meditation practitioner.



TAPAS DAY MESSAGE August 7, 2006
Tapas day has a special significance in the lives of DIVINE and all the devotees.

You should, by your regular practice of meditation, try to taste the beginning of Tapas, at times.

For all of you Tapas is not required, but on Tapas day, meditate for longer time and many times.

Rejoice that your GURU did Tapas specifically for all of you and for all others.

If you become regular in the practice of meditation, you will automatically get the direct benefit of Tapas day.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of July 2006

Regular and faithfully practiced meditation, daily for one hour, gives peace, bliss, happiness, health, wealth, fame and tranquility from the very beginning and through out one's life.

Determined daily practice makes it utterly simple and quite easy to practice.

Experiences come from time to time on their own and automatically to impart additional motivation and joy towards increasing its duration and intensity.

Initially only, one faces starting, stabilizing & regularity problems.

Practiced continuously for six months, makes it regular through out the life.

Meditation starts when all physical and mental activities cease.

Meditate and be happy. Meditate for peace. Meditate for Self- Realization.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of June 2006
Whenever you come across a situation and you feel you are not progressing in meditation practice or your meditation is not good, just remember Me and proceed further.

The more you practice, the more you progress.
At times your mind does not cooperate. Do not mind. Continue your practice and mind's non-cooperation changes slowly into cooperation.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of May 2006

Practice of daily meditation for the sole objective of Self -Realization is the only supreme divine duty of all human beings.

Most are not aware of this divine objective and while away their life in vain pursuits.

At the end, they repent but nothing could be done then.

Meditation has to be practiced most cheerfully, faithfully and with utmost enthusiasm.

Life, then will become Blessed and Divine.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of April 2006

Many devotees feel that regular practice of meditation is not easy.

They go on postponing the practice of meditation or sit for meditation for less time.

Infact, practice of meditation each day for 45 minutes to one hour is very easy, provided you do not listen to negative advices of mind.

If mind tells you to get up from meditation, you decide not to get up.You practice for more time.

If mind advises you to do more meditation practice next day, you do more meditation practice the same day.

With such timely positive decisions, within a short time, you will control your mind.

A controlled mind all the time becomes supermind.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of March 2006
Your mind will be distracted many times from the practice of meditation towards lower levels of physical practices.

There are many who are selling spirituality and making big claims, too.

Beware! Know that God can not be purchased.

He loves what He is, Truth, Love, Devotion, dedication, discipline and perseverence.

Practice of meditation gives you all, including God.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of February 2006
You do not postpone your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You do not postpone or cancel your eating and drinking.

You do not defer your worldly activities.

In same way, do not postpone your practice of meditation.

Worldly activities can be performed by your friends, family and children also but the practice of meditation for you can not be done by anybody else.

Only and only you have to do it.

Sooner the better.

Deeper the better.

Meditation practiced well will bestow upon you Moksha (Liberation or Self Realization) in this very life.



Do not leave the practice of meditation, even if you are not well.

Meditate in lying down condition  for a shorter period but meditate.

Meditation alone can ensure physical, mental and spiritual well being of the practitioner.

Practice meditation well.

Practice meditation to your heart's content.



Sent by Shivabalananda

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