DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of December 2007

·Meditate regularly to observe the observer continuously.

Meditate regularly to obtain the constant flow of Divine grace from Guru, God, Deities and all the higher souls.

Meditate regularly to open the heavenly gates of Righteousness, Contentment, Truth,
Peace, Bliss, Eternal Happiness and Joy within.

Meditate daily to annihilate the dirty mind and to bring out the lights of ever shinning Self.

Meditate regularly to be Blessed and to bless others.

Meditate daily in the morning and in the evening and at the time of bed in the night.

Start the day with Meditation, dwell whole day in the joy and happiness of Meditation
and end the day with Meditation.

Always meditate while preparing to sleep in the night. Pass into sleep through the
Meditation and awake in the morning again through the Meditation. This way the days
and nights both will be blissful for you for the whole life.

This is the only way for Divine living on this planet.


By Shivabalananda


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of November 2007

The time spent in meditation is your best time of life.

Remembering the happiness and peace of deep meditation is the best happiness of life.

Practicing of meditation daily is the best objective of life.

A life without meditation is a total waste.

Do not postpone your meditation.

It is your greatest duty to do your own meditation.

You close your eyes during your meditation and many eyes open to help you.

You do your meditation and many others get benefited, apart from you, even without your knowing.

All days become blessed days of life, thus.


By Shivabalananda


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of October 2007
DIVINE'S children!
Awake and arise!
Time is passing away.
Body is aging out.

Be extremely serious in your daily practice of meditation.
Never tell, write or communicate untruth even in joke.
Every time you do, it hurts DIVINE.
Be truthful.
Be faithful.

Guru alone can help you forget your past deeds and forgive you.
Think of the golden opportunity that you have got.
I love all.
You show your love through your regular meditation.
Do not ever waste your time, energy and effort in judging others.
It is not your duty. It is not your work.
Your duty is to meditate and always maintain verbal, written and mental silence.
Your mind is tricking and trapping you.
Be aware! Be always careful.
Love always, never hate.
Forgive always, never hurt.

Guru has nothing else to tell you.


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of September 2007

Now is the opportunity.
Now is the time.

Now is the urgent requirement for serious action for regular practice of unique meditation.

Devotees who are not regular, have to become regular.

Devotees who have stopped the practice due to the various tricks of the mind, have to restart, overlooking their minds.

Meditation is the best worship.

Worship your God in the best way.

Meditation is the best offerring to God.

Offer your meditation mornings and evenings.

Meditation is the best activity of the planet Earth.

Practice meditation as much as you can.

Devotees who are meditating should tell and teach meditation to others.

Meditation is the best teaching of life.

Remember opportunity lost is life lost.

Do your meditation duty and you will be richly rewarded.

By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of August 2007
True universal meditation, free from all attachments, happens to be the greatest religion of the planet Earth.

It ranks far above all the religions of the world put together.

If you are meditating one hour a day, you are, infact, practicing the best of all the religions of the world.

"What is greater than meditation, then?".

You may ask?

Only God remains higher than meditation and He is easily realized with regular practice of one hour of meditation each day.

Meditate an hour and achieve your goal.




TAPAS MESSAGE of DIVINE, August 7, 2007
Dear Devotees!

By simply remembering the tapas that was undertaken by me and by carrying on your meditation on Tapas day will put you in very good track of deep meditation.

Recall the tapas of DIVINE and dive deep in meditation.You will be benefited immensely.

You should be always cheerful and do your meditation most cheerfully.

Do not ever worry for any thing. Handover all your worries to Guru.

Blessings to all devotees world over. 


By Shivabalananda
DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of July 2007
In the world, all are seen busy in nourishing and caring for their bodies, but at the same they are starving their minds.

Meditation is the best food for the mind.

Body has to be looked after but at the same time mind also has to be given its due share.

One hour of meditation everyday is best way of supplying food to the mind.

More is better for already starved minds.

It is best to build large stock of meditation while taking due care of the body.


Dear Devotees!

Meditate more than other days today.

Surrender to Guru is highest in life.

In deep meditation experience oneness with Guru.

Always be cheerful.

Never worry.

Offer your good and bad both to GURU.

You be free from everything.

Why fear when GURU is here.


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of June 2007 

Generally, the progress of the practice of meditation is indicated by experiences of different types like inner peace, outer cheerfulness, subtle vibrations, shakings,currents, visions, smells, touch etc.etc. depending upon the individual.

For few devotees, depending upon their own inherent tendencies, only inner peace remains as experience.

Deeper and longer practice of meditation presents lasting transformational experiences that can not be described externally.

Meditate more and more. Dive deeper and deeper.

You all are blessed and chosen most fortunate-ones.

By Shivabalananda 

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of May 2007

Practice of meditation is the building up of your real treasure, which alone helps here and hereafter.

Build an enormous spiritual treasure by regular practice of long periods of meditation.

Your life will get blessed beyond measurable proportions and you will have enlightened joy which is not available by any other means.

No one else can build this treasure for you. Neither can you get it from your friends and family members.

Your own earnings get deposited over period of time.

Achieve your goal sooner. Become free and help others to become free.


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of April 2007
Meditation practiced regularly brings out the best of you at all times at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

Your inner peace, outer harmony and level of equanimity gets enhanced.

Similarly your compassion, helping nature, tolerance and magnanimity increases significantly.

Regular practice of meditation with due respect and utmost faith does wonders to every practitioner.

Practice meditation regularly.


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE  for the Month of March 2007
Many devotees are not able to practice meditation in regular, systematic and continuing manner and thus they are unable to derive maximum advantage thereof.

The main causes for this are not exercising their own strong will power and giving priority to other less important and insignificant facets of mundane life.

Practice, note Practice and nothing else makes your will power strong and great.

Never make compromises with circumstances, with time and with regularity for practicing meditation.

Slight distractions and disturbances do visit often only to test you.

Face all such distractions with equanimity and determined will and more meditation.

Meditation, then becomes very easy to practice, by all.



Devotees should not be carried away from the direct path of meditation by various attractively worded temptations put forward by commercial Gurus and spiritual leaders.

Have strong faith and conviction on your own experiences gotten by you during your meditation practices. Always record and note down your meditation experiences but do not share with all and sundry.

Meditation experiences are your own treasure. Guard them well and read them often specifically when you feel distractions.

Do not delay or postpone your regular meditation practice. Dive deep and achieve the desired goal at the earliest.

Everyone of you is capable to reach the ultimate goal of life. Put your effort in right earnest and DIVINE is there to take care of each one of you.

Do not wait for any opportune moment or time. Whenever you meditate, that is the best time of your life. Why then postpone it? 

DIVINE wants each one of you to take maximum benefit that too, at the earliest. March fast and become a spiritual victor.

Blessings to all devotees on Mahashivaratri Day.
Sent by Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of January 2007
January happens to be the first month of every year.

It is known as the month of new resolutions.

*Resolve that you will never miss practice of meditation even for a single day.

*Resolve that your daily meditation will not be less than 1/2 an hour or preferably one hour.
*Resolve that you will practice verbal and mental silence during non-meditating periods.

*Resolve that you will practice and maintain cheerful disposition all the time.

*Resolve that you will not entertain jealousy and hatred towards anyone.

*Resolve that you will always help others.

*Resolve that you will never hurt any one.

*Finally resolve that you will soon become model of meditation.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for New Year 2007

Become a man of contemplation, a man of concentration and finally a man of Meditation by regularly practicing it.

While meditating, you may get, at times, negative thoughts.

Do not be upset at all.

These are required for testing your stability.

Do more and deeper meditation to overcome all such thoughts.

A man of Meditation is always victorious, even though outwardly he may be facing problems and undergoing sufferings.

Sufferings are steps for advancements on the path of meditation.

Have only one goal of Self-Realization in this very life through the regular practice of meditation - the only guaranteed way.

Be happy, cheerful and blissful always.



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