DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of December 2008

·Examine your time and mood during meditation and you will find the vast difference between worldly activities and meditation..

·With the practice of meditation, the same worldly activities will be soothing and will not cause agitation in mind and body.

·You will then do every thing with equal mind. Pain and gain will not make their imprints on the mind. Mind will be ever cool like moon. You will be blessed.

·Have full faith in your practice and your success is guaranteed.

·Never break the meditation practice even for a day. It should become constant and consistent.

·Do not ridicule anyone. Support everyone. Help all. All is one only. Always remember this.

·Take care of body for the sake of practice of meditation.

·Be always cheerful for attaining equanimity.

By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of November 2008

·Always try to dwell in your true inner spirit. This dwelling becomes quite easy with regular practice of meditation for longer periods.

·Ever be conscious of your main duty while in the present most sacred human body. Each moment spent in meditation and subsequent contemplation is golden. Make your entire life golden by practicing more and more meditation.

·You need to take care of your physical and mental health and well being. Try to include natural items in your diet and engage your mind in lofty spiritual thoughts.

·Always have best spiritual company. Deep worldly people will lead you to materialistic pursuits. Deliberately, avoid such associations.

·Spirit is ever blissful. Try to emulate spiritual traits ever.

·Cheerfulness spreads happiness. Be always smiling and cheerful.

·Meditation is your priority No.1. Others can wait.

·None but you alone can control your mind by regular practice of meditation. You become blessed & PERFECT in due course of time.

·Golden opportunity for liberation is waiting in front of you. Meditate and get it at the earliest. Do not be taken away from it by strangers and stray thoughts. GURU is ever there within you to help and guide at every stage.

By Shivabalanda 

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of October 2008

·Many are totally oblivious about the main purpose of human life, its aims, objectives and its goals.

·Their lives are just like rudderless boats being tossed and swept hither and thither by the forceful waves of their minds, all the time.

·Alas! This unfortunate lot is unable to utilize the golden opportunity given mercifully by the Divine to Meditate, emancipate, uplift and get liberated in the present life itself.

·Awake! Awake! Awake! Do not waste the golden opportunity given to you. You may not get it again for an indefinite period of time. You will repent.

·Dear Children! Even if you are not able to meditate for longer periods, make a regular habit of meditating everyday for whatever time you are able to sit for meditation.

·Once you are regular, it is very easy to extend your time of meditation gradually and steadily.

·Life is burden without Meditation.

·Meditate and be happy. Your happiness makes the world happy.


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of September 2008

·Do not be under the false impression that if you sit in meditation, as and when you wish, weekly once or monthly twice, sort of thing, and still you will achieve the desired goal.

·Do not even entertain the idea that if you listen to discourses and have darshan of great souls a few times in a year , you will be able to uplift yourself spiritually.

·Do not think that you can achieve anything spiritual through any of modern media means like TV, INTERNET, NEWSPAPER, POSTERS and BOOKS.

·Believe that only your personal efforts by regular and continuous meditation will take you safely to your goal of LIBERATION in this life.

·It is not possible to control mind by allowing it all freedoms.

·Awake my children! I am looking at all of you, constantly.

·Make your best efforts and achieve the desired goal at the earliest. You can relax forever, thereafter.

·Meditate in all PRESENT TIME. You will receive more blessings with more meditation.

·Meditate with utmost happiness and cheerfulness.

You all are most fortunate.

By Shivabalananda


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of August 2008

·Meditation gives instant peace, if practiced regularly.

·Meditation eliminates your physical and mental stress, strain and tension.

·Meditation controls and guides your mind and senses towards the best path of spiritual life.

·Meditation removes totally and for ever all the bad thoughts, habits and sansakaras from your life.

·Meditation ensures healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.

·Meditation imparts unique happiness and experiences totally unknown in the worldly life.

·Meditation fulfills all good desires at appropriate moments.

·Meditation grants liberation and frees from the cycle of birth and death.

·Meditation gives every thing.

·Meditate regularly and test it yourself.

By Shivabalananda


7th August ( Tapas Day) MESSAGE  of DIVINE

·Meditation forms the direct link and contact with Me.

·More stronger, longer and deep your daily meditation becomes, your contact too, becomes stronger and stronger.

·When you begin entering Samadhi, your contact becomes permanent.

·All devotees, new or old, are capable of making the contact permanent in this very life.

·The time depends upon your own personal efforts, regularity in practice of meditation and your total surrender.

·There is no need to keep gauging your progress in short period of time. This is not your duty. You simply meditate and enjoy the peace, happiness and experiences of your meditation.

·Swami is ever ready to help and guide you..

By Shivabalananda


DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of July 2008

·Remember well that you can go anywhere for your spiritual evolvement but you will not get the original meditation that you get free here. Ultimately, you have to come back and then it might have been too late for practicing the meditation and reaching a safe level. Wise are those who practice intense meditation more and more here and now.

·There is absolutely no need to worry, even if you have discontinued or have become irregular in meditation in the past .Now onwards, make it a point not to miss meditation even a single day. It is best to practice meditation both in the morning and evening or as frequently as possible. With regular practice, it becomes very easy.

·Remember about passing days and climb as high as possible in meditation as soon as you can, or else you may have to regret later and nothing will be possible then.

·Do not get disappointed if your petty desires take more time for their fulfillment. It is best to show the desires safe passage without unduly engaging the mind.

·Do not ever waste your time, energy and effort in judging, weighing and criticizing others. It never does any good and you spoil yours as well as others’ moods. You cannot judge anyone correctly including yourself. It is best you soar high like an arrow in meditation.

·Try to be always happy and cheerful to expand happiness all-round.

Blessings to all.

By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of June 2008

·Meditate regularly so that you may be able to dive deep and be one with your SELF.

·Presently you are mostly associated with visible world and only during meditation you go into inner world.

·Your regular practice of meditation will, automatically take you to the deeper and deeper realms of inner world and ultimately to the deepest and highest level of spirituality.

·You are selected ones and most fortunate. Do not ever undermine the regularity whatever your avocation or status in worldly life.

·Achieve a level where you are always happy and begin seeing the ONENESS all the time.


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of May 2008

Guru waits and awaits for all devotees, devotees don’t.

Guru gives and forgives all devotees, devotees don’t.

Guru constantly sees all devotees. Devotees see Guru at times only.

How long you want to play the hide and seek?

I have given you everything including My Self too.

You do not want to make little effort also.

How, then, you will give up ownership of body?

How will you become soul centered all the time?


Meditate, Meditate and Meditate.



DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of April

Success in Meditation depends on your own personal effort strictly on your regular practice.

Do not wait for any miracles from any corner of the Earth or the Space.

Have firmest determination to do your regular meditation daily for longer periods.

Meditation accomplishes everything in life if practiced regularly and properly.

Dive deep. How long you want to be dwelling on the surface called BODY? You are not the body, mind or the intellect. Find out your SELF and be ENLIGHTENED here and now.

Your daily practice of ONE HOUR MEDITATION will achieve this easily for you. It is not a big deal. PRACTICE is absolute requirement.



By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of March 2008

How long you will avoid Me and My instructions? It is unwise for you.

How far you will postpone facing Me? It is not wise on your part.

Your real spiritual journey from I to Me is Meditation.

Postpone all worldly matters but not Meditation.

Avoid world from your mind.

Meditate My dear child.

Grow in the Golden Age of Meditation.

I do not need anything from you but it is my responsibility to see and observe you meditating.

Your regular meditation gives Me regular happiness.

Meditate now.

Meditate regularly hereafter.

Meditate more and more.

Meditation should become your normal nature.

Observe silence mental and verbal both.

Meditate under all conditions, at all locations and at all times.

What else DIVINE will tell you?


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for the Month of February
Be serious in life and stop bullying with the practice of Meditation.

Meditation should be your life.

Eat Meditation.

Drink Meditation.

Sleep Meditation.

Dream Meditation.

Live Meditation.

Keep Meditation all the time with you.

Be ever awake in Meditation.

What more message you require?


By Shivabalananda

DIVINE'S MESSAGE for Year 2008

Old years are rolling back and new years are coming in front of you, as you are telling goodbyes and welcomes to them.

Likewise, you must welcome your regular meditation practice every day twice in the morning and in the evening to transform your self from dull body centered one to shinning soul centered one.

This is the noble way of celebrating new years.

Increase and accumulate the wonderful experiences of deep and longer meditations.

Do not wait for doing meditation. Worldly affairs can happily wait.

Dive deep.

Always maintain meditative mood, while performing all other activities too.

Be cheerful.

Be smiling.

Be happy.

Be peaceful.

Be Self.

Be non- body.

Be non- mind.

What else DIVINE can teach you.



By Shivabalananda

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