DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of December 2011

Devotees practicing meditation do not have to struggle for good and peaceful meditation during every session. 

Swamiji has already completed unlimited reserve for all the devotees to take advantage any time any where. 

Devotees have to be focused all the time during the meditation and wish mentally for deeper meditation experiences. 

Help is available without any obligation and totally free. All the devotees have equal right to avail it all the time. 

Devotees can take the advantage simply as a friend. Many devotees are already taking advantage and progressing well. 

All devotees should take fullest advantage and achieve Self-Realization in the present life itself. 

By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of November 2011

There are many paths leading to Self Realization.

 Many try one or two paths for some time and jump to other afterwards.

 This creates doubts in the mind and doubts lead you nowhere.

 Stick to your chosen path with firm faith , rigid conviction and rock solid determination.

 The path of meditation is unique.

 Once you are on the path of meditation, nothing can shake you.

 Your practice leads you to Self Realization.

  If you wish to serve many , you need to do more and prolonged meditation.

By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of October 2011

Meditation helps you first.

Then it helps your family members, relatives and friends.

It goes on helping all those whom you wish to help or heal.

It touches everyone you know either in present life or past lives.

If you practice meditation for more time and more frequently, your meditation can help many around you,
not only human beings but all living beings.

Your meditation help spreads silently if you are silent, verbally and mentally most of the times.

Talk as minimum as required and be silent as maximum as possible.

Do not worry but meditate instead.

Do not waste time but meditate instead.

If you are alone, meditate more and more.

Let your mind be silent and happy all the time and you be in your real Self ever
joyful, peaceful and blissful.



By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of September 2011

You have meditated in every life in your mother's womb but you have forgotten each time immediately after coming out and upon coming into contact with this world.

You do meditation every day at a very low level through out your life but you forget because you never pay attention.

Meditation is not new to you, your forgetting each time and each day is newly created by your mind.

Meditate and slowly you start remembering every thing forgotten for ages.

Regular meditation will make your life always full of light.

Meditation will lessen and eliminate all burdens from your life slowly and steadily.

Meditation gives new insight and new life.



By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for 50th Tapas Day, August 7, 2011

Everyone is in search of health, happiness and peace.

The search goes on for many lives without success.

The search unfortunately covers areas where there is no happiness whatsoever.

Health, happiness and peace in life are possible only if equanimity of mind and true spiritual awareness are maintained throughout the life. Meditation over a long time makes it possible very easily.

None needs to struggle for practicing meditation. Most of the times the mind makes it difficult for you. At such times, apply the vibhuti at the brow center, close your eyes, try little and let GURU do your meditation.

Guru is your most intimate friend, companion and inner guide. Never forget this.

All meditating guys are virtually living in the Golden Age.



By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of August 2011

You may easily find solutions to all problems of life through meditation.

Whatever be your pressing problem, put it at the end of your normal meditation practice and wait for suggestion from your calm mind.

If you do not receive any suitable suggestion during first attempt make few more attempts but only at the end of completion of your normal meditation.

Always attend all your worldly duties timely, sincerely and attentively using your calm mind.

Meditation solves all problems.

The deep silence of meditation has answers for all the problems of the individual life as well as those of the world.

Meditate regularly and solve all your problems including the perennial cycle of birth and death.



By Shivabalananda


DIVINE MESSAGE for Guru Poornima, July 15, 2011

 Guru Poornima reminds you to follow the GURU with renewed vigor and vitality in practicing meditation.

 Remember and recall the meditation life of GURU and endeavor to follow to your liking and capability.

 Guru is constantly looking towards devotees and all the time awaits grand performances by all devotees.

 Guru Poornima provides a golden opportunity for devotees to begin meditation with renewed zeal and enthusiasm.

 Never depend and rely on your mind but look towards GURU for guidance and directions to practice meditation.

 Open a brand new chapter on Guru Poornima day for beginning meditation with utmost joy,inner peace and ever lasting bliss.

 Pay your respect,gratitude and reverence to Guru in all forms on Guru Poornima day by contemplating upon life,deeds and teachings of Sri GURU Maharaj.



By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of July 2011

 Meditation is the most sacred, the most secret and the most divine activity for all human beings.Very fortunate men and women know this. Most fortunate amongst them practice it.Top most godly amongst them practice it regularly. Extremely rare amongst all, practice it three times a day exactly similar to food intake.

 Intensity and duration during meditation propel the progress and bring all lasting results for devotees.

 Hurdles and obstacles are basic necessities for achieving deep faith and sound foundation. Patience and fortitude are required to cross the passing phases.

 Exercise prompt alertness and determined action for repeated deviations brought about by mind in regular schedules of meditation practice.

 All devotees rightfully deserve full support, guidance and help from Guru all the time.



By Shivabalananda

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of June 2011

 Attachment to ever changing creation brings all types of agonies. Meditation reverses the mental thinking process. Meditation leads all from unreal-MANY to real-ONE. 

 Devotees should make a daily habit to reduce attachment first with own body and then to all bodies, but utmost care needs to be taken for perfect health and well being of the body. 

 Devotees must ensure that they always keep holy and sacred company of beings. Regular meditation prompts holy thoughts and brings holy companions. 

 Helping others may not be possible all the times. Devotees should ensure that they do not harm anyone. 

 Meditation does every thing for you. Meditation gives every thing to you. Meditation takes all your evils and fills you with all that is good. 

Meditate, Meditate and Meditate. 

By Shivabalananda 

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of May 2011

The only purpose of GURU in coming into the world is FOR THE SAKE OF HIS DEVOTEES. 

Devotees gather around GURU for the sake of taking HIS care, following HIM and HIS spiritual instructions. 

The Guru-Devotee relationship is unique, selfless, Godly and exists till their merger with each other. 

Meditation merges both into ONE. 

Devotees should strive to achieve the ONENESS in this very life time through the regular practice of meditation. 

Guru’s grace is ever flowing towards all devotees. 

By Shivabalananda 


DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of April 2011

Keep focusing till you are totally focused. 

Guru always helps and becomes immensely happy when all devotees get focused. 

Practice and Grace are the two keys, one with devotees and the other with Guru. 

Guru never locks His Grace on devotees only pretends at times. 

Devotees often keep locking and unlocking their regular practice heeding to their minds. 

They loose precious time and slide down many steps due to foolishness of their own minds and start practice once again. 

Practice, practice and practice well and you will be spiritually rewarded. 

Always share and spread the joy of meditation with all from the depth of your spiritual heart. 

Love all and be loved by all. Bless all and be blessed by all. 

All devotees are ever within my heart. 

By Shivabalananda 


DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of March 2011

Your duty is to meditate every day, My responsibility is to help you and guide you. I am available to you all the time. You become available to Me at least an hour every day. 

 Do not judge your progress of meditation every now and then. That is the job and duty of Guru. Leave this totally to Me. 

 When you sit in meditation for longer time you become stronger and evil mind becomes weaker. All your Karma Indriyas (The 5 senses of action) and all your Gyan Indriyas (The 5 senses of knowledge) become fully satiated with peace and happiness. Experience this more often 

 Mind plays tricks all the time to divert and deviate you from the path of meditation practice. Firm up your determination and mind gets defeated. Never ever give evil mind upper hand in all matters of life. 

 Make a habit of meditative watch on your mind during all the non meditating times. You will ensure your happiness all the time. 

 You all are most blessed on this earth. Meditate more and more. Meditate regularly. Meditate for longer time. 

By Shivabalananda 

DIVINE MESSAGE for the Month of February 2011

 Swami always tells devotees to practice their meditation regularly. 

 Regular practice of meditation keeps your mind under control and ensures peace, bliss and happiness all the time. 

 It takes you higher and higher on the spiritual path of Self Realization – the ultimate and common goal of all human beings. 

 Every devotee is capable of achieving this goal very easily by meditating one hour daily. 

 You and you alone by your own effort can do it. Friends and family members can not do it for you. 

 With the constant help of Guru the practice becomes most easy for all devotees. 

 Guru helps all devotees all the time. Devotees have to only look towards Guru. 

 Practice, Practice & more Practice. 

By Shivabalananda 


DIVINE MESSAGE for the New Year 2011

 You are free to make your Happy New Year into Happy New Life simply by meditating regularly. 

 Meditate regularly and make your every meditation into Golden Happy Life. 

 Fill every moment of your life with Divine awareness by regular meditation. 

 Know for certain that you are not body or mind but you are eternal soul, an indivisible part of Divine. 

 You have taken many bodies in the past and all bodies have changed but you have never changed. You can not change. You are the same. 

 Regular meditation will make you realize your true eternal nature. 

 Do not ever judge your progress in meditation. It is Guru’s responsibility. 

 Do your duty of regular meditation. Leave the result to Guru. Guru will never let you down. He fails none. 

 Have full faith in Guru and Guru will do every thing for you. 

 Be happy. Be healthy. Be peaceful. Be blissful. 


By Shivabalananda 

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