Shivabalananda Tour 2017


Shivabalayogi Shivabalananda

Shivabalananda, a long-term, very close and direct disciple of Sri Sri Sri Shiva Bala Yogi Maharaj for forty-one years, blessed with the yogic powers of his Master, Shiva Bala Yogi, will be offering Shiva Bala Yogi Meditation Programs on this 2017 Visit. All programs are free and open to the public.

Shiva Bala Yogi Maharaj (Swamiji) attained God-realization through Tapas, meditating in God-consciousness for twelve years, traveled for thirty-three years offering initiation into dhyan meditation and left the body in the spring of 1994, attaining Mahasamadhi.

Sri Swamiji\\\'s meditation mission continues through several disciples and devotees, such as Shivabalananda, who travel internationally.

Shivabalananda/RB Singh will be traveling with his wife, Vidyawati Singh, on this 9th visit. His first international visit was in the fall of 1994 with 24 programs in 9 US cities 21 programs in Germany and the United Kingdom. The second US visit in 2004 offered 64 programs in over 30 cities in 13 states. In US 2005 third visit, some 100 programs were offered in 68 cities in 25 states with over 1600 attendees. The fourth international visit in 2007 offered 24 programs in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Croatia and Canada and some 103 US programs in 84 cities in 31 states with over 1834 attendees in both the US and abroad. The fifth US visit in 2010 offered 50 programs in 24 cities in 10 states with 868 attendees. The sixth visit July 13 - October 23, 2011 offered 78 meditation-bhajan programs with 8 in the United Kingdom, 8 in Croatia and 62 in twenty-eight cities in thirteen US states with a total of 1512 program attendees. The seventh visit, May 8 - Sept, 30, 2012, in the US, offered 84 meditation program, with many children attending, in 30 cities in 15 states with a total of 1832 attendees. The eighth visit, June 6- Oct. 30, 2016 in US, offered 46 programs in 19 cities in 9 states with total number of participants 704 inclusive of repeaters.

The ninth visit in Croatia and US, July 4-Oct 31 2017 offered live meditations programs in Zagreb & Split Croatia, July 4-8. total participants being 194, including repeaters and in US, July 28- Aug 21 in 10 cities in 6 states with the total of 194, including repeaters and two children. Worldwide live stream meditations first started Aug 23 and then continued daily 9:00pm EDT, Aug 27-Oct 31


Shivabalayogi International Meditation Mission

 Silent Meditation for 45 minutes
 Vibhuti for Meditation/Healing/specific purposes
 Individuals come up to Shivabalananda for questions and clarifications

A Unique, Simple, Universal Meditation
for all
Experience the Inner Peace & Bliss

Meditate once with the Master
through a direct disciple of
Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj
July-October,  2017
Practice in your home

All are welcome
Programs are free


Daily, 9:00 pm EST, Meditate with Master for 45 minutes.

See Meditate with Master link for meditation procedure. Meditation is open for public viewing. Live Stream Meditation -

Please use the following link to join the meditation.

Shivabalananda\\\'s Croatia Visit 2017

July 1-8, Sandra & Aljosa,Croatia, Zagreb & Split,

[2017 Tour Photos, Croatia]

Shivabalananda\\\'s United States Visit 2017


July 28, Rajesh & Uma-PA, Allentown, [Allentown Program Photos]

July 30, Germaine, NY, Manhattan,

Aug 1 & 2, Ryan, MD, Baltimore & Bethesda,

Aug 4-16, Germaine, VA Yogaville, [Yogaville Program Photos]

Aug 18-20, Judi-NC, Winston-Salem & Clemons,

Aug 21, Asha & Alice, SC, Columbia,

Live Stream Meditation Programs

Aug 22-24, Alice & Asha GA, Athens,

Sept 1, Grace, AZ, Prescott,

Sept 17, Germaine, VA Yogaville,

Oct, 4, 11, 18 & 25 Tesla, SD, Lead,