Having received Divine instructions during morning meditation on 12th January 2010 and further instructions through Amma’s meditation on 18th February 2010 to meditate 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, all required arrangements for room darkening, kayakalpa medicine making, fruits, cow milk and honey collection etc. were made for undertaking tapas during 22nd February 2010 to 2nd April 2010. 

23rd February during evening meditation Divine granted Sadyomukti (Jeevan-mukta state). I desired to live for others and for world peace. 

Meditation was practiced as often as possible during day and during nights. In almost all seatings, either from the beginning or in between Jyoti (Divine light) started emanating from first North and East directions and then from West and South directions. Intense lights used to emanate from 9 photos hanging in the room belonging to Swamiji, Baba and Lord Shiva and all the lights were merging in the body from different directions. Evening rains fell indicating Divine’s play with devotee. This happened thrice during 40 days of tapas. 

A colleague couple from Sriharikota who met fatal road accident 3 months back were released from hell and became free on 24th February 2010 during noon meditation. 

During each seating twinkling light will start emanating within the tapas room and will start approaching nearby in a very playful mood. The intensity will increase when the lights will come nearby and all the time it will have cool, soothing and peace imparting nature and characteristics. 

The entire room will be floodlit with lights and at times the whole cosmos will be shown in the room itself. Irrespective of the fact whether the eyes were open or close, the lights were present there only. At times the room will be filled with galaxies and the unique scenes will be most peaceful and enjoyable with open eyes. On other times, many mountains some very high will be shown both with eyes closed or open. Such experiences would occur for small durations only. 

27th February 2010 became historic day of 40 days tapas. Facing North sat on deer skin seat on the ground around 8am and soon mind was made totally calm and fully centered at brow-center. Maha Ananda state continued for more than an hour. Afterwards small pain was experienced in right knee but the bliss was so intense that mind wanted no disturbance. Without opening eyes legs were made to undergo tension and compression activities and were set in comfortable position and the same bliss continued. Such grace of Guru can not be fully expressed or explained. 

Swami showed a dream of Himself in two exactly similar bodies, one live and another some times live and most of the time dead on 28th February, indicating the duty of all devotees to try to finish the subtle body in order to get Self-Realization in this very life. 

On 1st March with beginning of meditation, the Jyoti started giving bliss in different ways some times from all sides, some times from up and some times from 4 directions, the bliss was so much that eyes got too much tears to hold and I started weeping uncontrollably only to laugh madly the next moment. Who can describe the glory of Guru? 

On 2nd March while meditating on the ground seat inside mosquito net for the first time experienced severe pain in the leg due to mosquito bite and slowly the pain became unbearable. I had the bat handy and without opening the eyes, tried my best to finish the mosquito but there was no trace of the divine mosquito. It is strange but true that during the entire 40 days tapas period no mosquito bite other than the one unique one mentioned above ever took place. 

In the beginning dark blue light appeared which started expanding in all directions. Afterwards it disappeared and white light appeared and imparted immense bliss. 

3rd March during deep meditation experience of ONENESS prevailed all through and the bliss was unique, nice and intense. Afterwards spreading the unique meditation throughout length and breadth of the country came vividly. 

5th March 5 pm during meditation experienced peculiar sensation and movement at the crown. In the beginning feeling of fear of death came but soon it changed into unbroken tranquility. Both the hands got folded and head bowed to Guru. During 8 pm meditation saw divine light lasting for long time and at one point it became too intense to bear. 

Most of the days and nights the meditation was going on under the constant vigil of divine light.

There have been many instructions for spreading the unique meditation to all willing persons. Swamiji wants all devotees to strengthen their own meditation and also to teach good meditation to others as well. 

Blessings to all devotees 

By Shivabalananda