Meditation Instructions for Adults

This meditation is universal. Anyone can do it without any change of routine. The meditation increases what ever your spiritual path or religious belief. If you already have a teacher, this meditation will increase your devotion to your teacher.

You will need one of the three items for meditation initiation or instruction: holy ash, turmeric powder, or water.

    1. Download Shivabalayogi's photo, if possible (click on the photo above to download a copy), otherwise view it on http://www.meditate-shivabala.org

    2. For three (3) days in the morning, pray to or ask Shivabalayogi to give you Meditation Initiation or Instruction or chant 108 times Aum Namah Shivaya.

    3. On the fourth (4th) day, pray or ask Shivabalayogi to give you Meditation Initiation or Instruction or chant 108 times Aum Namah Shivaya. If you wish, you may pray to your chosen form of God or Creator.

    4. With your right thumb, touch a small bit of dry holy ash, dry Turmeric powder or water and place it exactly between your eyebrows.

    5. Sit in a comfortable chair, on a cushion or lie down on back if needed, facing North or East. There is no need to sit cross legged.

    6. Close your eyes and gently be aware and focus your attention mentally on the area between your eyebrows.Do not move your eye balls.

    7. Sit for 1 hour with straight back, adjusting physical position as needed to be comfortable with eyes always closed.

The next time you do your daily meditation, you may sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour or at least 30 minutes daily.

Use the holy ash, Turmeric powder or water whenever you need help focusing during your meditation.

You may meditate more than once daily, sitting up or lying down to rest or before sleeping at night. Meditation may be done indoors or outside. If you don't feel well do your daily meditation lying down. Do not worry if you fall asleep, just set your meditation time and complete the meditation.

If you don't meditate for a day, it may delay your meditation progress by up to 20 days. It is better to sit or lie down and meditate for a shorter time than to not meditate at all.

Please see www.meditate-shivabala.org/questions.html for questions and answers about meditation.

Practicing meditation regularly and with devotion helps to fulfill your wishes in course of time besides giving physical health, mental peace and spiritual bliss.

You are welcome to request the free hard copy mailed by post of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Meditation Blessings which includes: meditation preparation, initiation and instruction, a brief life history and mission of Shivabalayogi, with Holy ash and a small photo of Shivabalayogi. If interested, please contact: Sanjay, thesksmail@yahoo.com


Teaching Meditation to Children & Teens

Meditation Preparation:

    Experience at least 1 hour of this meditation using the Meditation Instructions on this page.

    Teach each child or teen individually.

    Use one of these substances: dry holy ash, dry Turmeric powder, or water.

Meditation Technique:

    1. Have each child or teen sit cross legged on a cushion or rug, facing North or East.

    2. With your right thumb, apply a touch of holy ash, Turmeric powder or water right between their eyebrows.

    3. Tell each to close their eyes and sit with straight back and keep eyes closed until you indicate to them to open your eyes. You may verbally tell them to open eyes or say a spiritual word such as Aum or Amen or ring a bell.

    4. Have each sit as many minutes as their age in years, watching in case they need to do less meditation, lie down and for other adjustments.

    5. If a child or teen doesn't immediately open their eyes after indicating to them, wait until they open their eyes on their own.

After the meditation, you may talk to each about their meditation experience and ask questions about how the meditation felt. Tell them how meditation will help them to get along better with others and help with their school work, and with improved athletic and creative abilities.

Each child or teen is to sit one time daily after the first meditation, either in the morning or at prayer time before bed, right after school or other time convenient for family.

Keep some holy ash, Turmeric powder or water set aside just for their meditation. Teens may like to keep their own

It is best that an adult meditate with each school age child until they regularly meditate on their own. Teens may meditate alone right away, if they wish.

Each adult who meditates daily with a child or teen should continue their own individual meditation of 45 minutes or at least 30 minutes daily.

It is beneficial for the entire family to meditate together weekly for 30 minutes. The children or teens may join as long as they wish. Then they may leave or remain in the room doing a quiet activity like coloring or reading etc.

Please see the Children/Teens link on this very website,meditate-shivabala.org for additional information.

Germaine has been teaching children and teens meditation for over 30 years and is available for any guidance at no charge: jggermaine@gmail.com