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Aug 7
10:00 am
718 Cardinal Drive
Shivabalayogi Tapas Celebration

Comments from attendees of this program:

"What a powerful good time we all had. Wonderful Bastrop ladies came. They got special Ganges water instead of candy prasad." ~ Kerry.

"The Tapas celebration in Bastrop [ near Austin, TX] was very special to me.   It was about a 45 minute drive. The destination was in an area of tall pines. The neighborhood afforded lots of privacy.   I pulled up and saw cars, but no people. Off in the distance on a tree was a small sign: SWAMI BEHIND GARDEN. So then I went.   I saw a very benigh scene of meditators on a blue mat as I approached quietly from behind. I sat on the pine needles and took asana there.   At times the insects and other animals increased their drones and call to a very loud OM! as the Swami in pink with the long beard and matted hair sat without moving.   We had some questions from the small group answered after we approached with individual questions too. I asked about my sadhana. He gave you 100% attention. I thought of it as a 'Mind Meld' with Shivabalananda."

 "Such a peacefully happy person. I gave some flowers: He gave vibhuti, no only for me,  but my family as well. He had some very nice things to say about integration of family life and meditation."  

"May Divine Goodness lead us all, and encourage serious practice and bring joy and peace... I receive all such messengers with great happiness."  ~ Steve