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July 4
3:00 pm
3937 150th St. West
Vivien 507-334-3904
Comments from attendees of this program:

"What a wonderful time they had at Shanitvan where Ken has been sitting in Tapas under Swamiji's direction."

"We had a wonderful time with RB Singh/ Shivabalananda and Vidyawati!  

All of the programs went well. It turned out that we had two programs at our place on July 4th after all! One at 3 pm and one at 6:30 pm, after which we had prasad and a full Indian meal, cooked by Vidya and RB Singh earlier in the day. 

At the end of the program, after RB Singh was out of bhava, a crowd gathered around his bedroom with lots of talk and introductions and good energy. As they were leaving, the young crowd came in with fireworks and Ken, myself, RB Singh, Vidya and a friend had tea on the upper deck watching the fireworks  mostly launched from what the kids call "Buddha hill" - the high point in our back yard where the waterfalls begin with a budda statue on it. 

The final morning we all took one last morning stroll around the grounds and I had Swami bless everything - the meditation hut, the Om etched in a large stone, the bhudda statue, the gardens. We took some photos, brought them to the best discount gas station and waved goodbye as they headed down the freeway. What a marvelous week. An inspiration to all!" ~ Vivien