Date/Time Location Contact Phone Email
July 5
7:30 pm
Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
4401 Upton Ave.
Vivien 507-334-3904
July 6
7:00 pm
St. Francis Liberal Catholic Church 3201 Pleasant Ave.
Vivian & Ken

Comments from attendees of this program:


"We had a wonderful time with Shivabalananda and Vidyawati!  

All of the programs went well,  At the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Chapel about 14 people received meditation instruction.  The last night at St. Francis Liberal Catholic Church was great - About 20 people and all really enjoyed the program and loved the food prepared by Vidya and myself. One of the church members came, an angelic girl, who brought flowers, watermelon, several fruit juices, and baby Indian style bananas! A band came and played exquisite Indian music during bhagans and played in the background while people were eating. Everyone loved it. We did not get out of the church until after 11 pm." ~ Vivien