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Aug,  18
7:30 pm
The Yoga Room
115 Charlotte Road

Comments from attendees of this program:

"How honored we have been to have Shivabalananda in our presence and allow us to meditate with Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. I am a novice in meditation and still had an indescribable few minutes in meditation last night. I thought I would not be able to meditate because I was physically uncomfortable, but in a short while, I felt a forward pull to my chest and a tickle at my brow as if a spider was brushing my brow. It was then I felt a great pressure at my forehead and my eyelids started to twitch and my eyes to move rapidly. And there I was. For how long I do not know, it felt brief, and then subsided. I was very happy and thanked Shivabalananda later and asked for blessings for five people. He was very kind and loving and did the blessings for them.  Thank you all for letting me share my experience with you." Love to All ~ Laurie